2009.10.10 choo choo~

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BECAUSE I CAN. x3 okay so...this is technically going to be...a sketch dump blog/ranting blog...y-yeah. So, it'll be boring. I don't even update my dA xD
school's been...bumpy. xD and it's not like I can't deal with it but I'm so lazy ;_____; I'm failing World Literature...but I just recently found that if you fail it once, it's fine. I was getting so scared that I would've had to have gone to PM school...Dx but nothing happens the first time you fail so yay ; v ; I-I definitely won't fail it again! I'm afraid my mom will hold the whole 'winter break' thing against me if I fail and then I won't be able to gooo...;3; ffff.

umm, other classes...I have an 85 in Spanish (but I don't do the homework), I have no idea what I'm getting in Integrated Algebra...I'm passing Living Environment :D based on the last test results and I'm sure I did good on the one I took last week so yeah I bet I'm passing it. Erm...not so sure about 'Found Of Research' orz b-but I didn't do anything to fail it..! uhhm...World History is awesome! > v < but we have to write essays this week;; bleh. I don't have gym D: next term...oh! the end of the MP is this week Dx w-wish me luck!!

and surprisingly, I'm more determined to pass my classes ; v ; DUETOASPECIALSOMEONE.
note to self: がんばって!)


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2009.10.10 :v